Back in 1984, when Sally and I worked on the farm, The 'Old Bimbi Post Office' was the only vintage building, although derelict, left standing in our local village of Bimbi,(SW NSW). The building was going to be bulldozed and no one cared ... so we decided to save it, we bought it for $2200.00 (my dad thought we were ripped off)
Established as a PO in 1883 it has had a colorful history, it remains uninhabited, open to the public and over those years there has been many who have worked hard to maintain it....

Top photo - 'Faggot of Sticks' Project
July 2013

Every summer Mountain Lake Biology Station, Virginia, USA fills with biologists, scientists and researchers. This year, Virginian artist Megan Marlatt invited fourteen artists to the station for a three week residency.

The exotic isolated location atop the southern Appalachian mountains, has been operating as a research and teaching field station since in 1929, established by the University of Virginia’s (UVA) Department of Biology as a summer facility for teaching and research.

May 11th 2013
'After the dreaming'...a evening of art and performance over two sites. Curated by Suzanne Donisthorpe

Site one - Battaini's Place:

It began when Alex Panelli commissioned Frank Veldze to work on the ruin of the post gold-rush house built by his forebears. A project Alex describes as… 'a place, a home a rupture'.

My first large project as a 'Sustainable Landscape Designer'. I had the privilege of working on the wonderful Bio-dynamic Olive grove owned by Jane and Neil Seymour at Laharum, at the foothills of the northern Grampians, Victoria.
The Herb and Sensory garden will provide the herbs and sensory plants for the new cosmetic products 'The girl and the Olive' and will provide fresh herbs and vegetables for the Mount Zero Stone Mill Cafe.

'The Artist is Present'

Last screening wed 15th

Rajasthan, the dry season - heading west towards the Pakistan border. Jaisalmer, Jodphur and my favourite Pushkar.

Rajasthan landscape
Jaisalmer fort
Glamping in Western Rajasthan
Jaisalmer Fort, Rajasthan
Jane with the Sacred cows
Lovely Women in Jodphur
Jodpur castle
Jodphur - the blue city
Alluring Pushka
Pushka shops
Pilgrims bathing in the Pushkar lake
Women with the cows - Pushkar
Rana - Pushka